Hottest Trends in Outdoor Lighting Design

While there are many different styles and trends in outdoor lighting, one style is becoming increasingly popular. Lanterns are beautiful year-round features that cast a dreamy glow around your home. They’re especially impressive during the snowy winter months. Wall-mounted lights can illuminate large areas around your home, as well as around other vertical surfaces. Outdoor wall lights, too, are perfect for illuminating paths and landscape beds. Finally, outdoor floor lamps can illuminate large outdoor areas. An interesting waterproof lamp can serve as both a functional light source and an eye-catching piece of art.

Another popular design trend is to incorporate bold lighting in your landscape. This trend includes dramatic, eye-catching lighting fixtures, like spotlights or large sculptures. Lighting fixtures that are dramatic can be combined with a water feature. Some of these lights can even be controlled via a cell phone app. Adding color-changing lights to your landscape design is another popular trend. You can also use them in fountains or under walkways. A recent study showed that 80% of homeowners prefer to install these fixtures in their landscapes.

In-ground lighting can highlight beautiful features in your landscape. If you want to make your lawn appear more luxurious, you can choose simple LED bulbs. Alternatively, you can choose to add accent lights to your home’s details. Strategically placed fixtures can provide the appearance of a magical light, highlighting architectural details and adding texture to your yard. The possibilities are endless. So, if you want to add some drama to your yard, consider incorporating an outdoor lighting design trend.

LED lighting has become very popular in recent years. LED lights are environmentally responsible and save energy. Additionally, they can be dimmed or turned on and off depending on the time of day. Another trendy trend for outdoor lighting in 2021 is color-changing lights. These lights change color according to your mood. Soft colors are perfect for a romantic evening while vibrant hues are great for a fun dinner party. For more contemporary styles, try adding a LED lighting feature to your landscape.

LED lights are revolutionizing outdoor lighting. They provide lower-profile optics and technologically advanced designs. Solid-state lighting is easier to dim than their legacy counterparts. Some models are even programmed to reduce light levels at certain times of the day or respond to motion. This feature gives outdoor lighting designers more freedom in design. It also provides a sense of security. It can also be controlled by a phone. The latest trends in LED lighting are making it easier for homeowners to create the perfect outdoor space.

String lights have become a common part of outdoor decor. Newer models are safer and more environmentally friendly than their predecessors. They can also be used to highlight special features. With so many options, there is no end to the designs and styles available today. You can use them to highlight particular landscape features, such as trees or bushes. There are even lights that work in tandem with existing outdoor lighting fixtures to add a distinctive touch to your outdoor living area. If you want your lighting to add an elegant touch, you should consider hiring a professional. There are many benefits to hiring a professional lighting design contractor.

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